Monday, August 18, 2014

Terrariums and Talent Searches

For the past two weeks I've been focused on the Lilla Rogers' Global Talent Search. It's quite the contest in the art world, with hundreds of amazingly talented illustrators from around the globe entering for a shot at the grand prize—representation by one of the world's top art agents.

I love all things Lilla, so naturally I signed up—not only for the great assignment, but also for the opportunity to push myself and journey outside of my comfort zone.

Terrarium Wall Art was the theme. I found it to be great subject matter, so full of possibilities. Maybe even too many options. From the beginning, I had a bell jar shape in my head, so I kept to that direction and tried exploring watercolor washes and painting plant shapes with india ink. As I often do, I worked on two layouts simultaneously. One with clean shapes filled with textures and washes and the other more painterly—a huge departure from my usual approach.

It was so difficult to chose which image to upload. There are things I love about each of these compositions. In the end, I went with the first layout, because I felt it was more representative of my style. And I adore orchids and ferns, especially when they are sprouting.

So now I wait with fingers crossed to see if I make the top 50 (out of nearly 1000 submissions!). Either way, the process was fun and I'm proud of my effort. And I'm so looking forward to viewing the amazing gallery of work….

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Crazy Cat Lady!

One of the really cool things about social media is it allows people to connect who might not have otherwise had a chance to meet or know each other. My instagram friend, Anke van der Meer, aka Anke Panke (@ankepanke), is a very talented dutch designer and illustrator. She is creating a Crazy Cat Lady Planner with cat illustrations from over 50 artists around the world. I feel really honored to be a participant in this amazing book. Here's what my spread will look like:

She is taking pre-orders now, so if you are a crazy cat fiend check it out here and sign-up for your copy! I can't wait to see all the kitty awesomeness in person...