Friday, March 1, 2013

Pet Project

Anyone who knows me, knows I love animals. I especially love my pets—past and present. Currently, we have a very sweet golden retriever, a cat, some assorted goldfish, a miniature frog and a tadpole (thanks to my sister-in-law). Some day soon, I hope to add a french bulldog to the mix.

This past November, after 19 and a half years, I said goodbye to my beloved cat, Kramer. She (yes, she) was the best. We adored each other. Always a permanent fixture on my bed, she would jump up whenever I entered the room. Lately, I've been really missing her.

Kramer had a sister we called Monkey, although her real name was Tennessee Tuxedo, after the decades-old cartoon penguin. I think she received her nickname due to the fact that she would drink your coffee or beer if you left either anywhere within her reach.

This week I've been making pet doodles in honor of these amazing critters that share our lives and steal our hearts (except for maybe the tadpole, I'm still waiting to feel any sort of attachment to him)...

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