Monday, January 13, 2014

New Logos

I recently designed a of couple new logos for some pretty special girl entrepreneurs. My 11 year old twins, along with two friends, started an organization called Creatures for Care. They knit and crochet some amazing little critters to donate to children in need. They began this group on their own and make-up the animals as they go, relying solely on their creativity—no patterns.

They've donated their first two batches of creatures to children staying at Seacoast Family Promise, an inter-faith shelter for homeless families. We are on the look-out for more organizations who might want to receive some of these cuties—my house is getting quite full!

They recently started a blog to to promote their group and highlight some of their favorite animals. You can find it here: Creatures for Care blog

And check out some of these beauties…

Wolff Neckies
My teenage neighbor, a fantastic competitive ski-racer, has been busy in her down time making and selling neck gators. She sews with super cute fabrics on the outside, soft fleece on the inside and a velcro enclosure in the back. Here is the logo I designed for her business and a snapshot of her cool products:

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