Tuesday, July 22, 2014

An Ode to Coffee - MATS Bootcamp Month 5

For the final assignment in Lilla Rogers' Bootcamp, she instructed us to create a piece of art, for ourselves or a friend, that showcased our favorite beverage. She wanted it to be a personal piece, something we would hang in our homes. She encouraged any (and every) medium.

I'm not going to lie. This was tough for me. I love coffee, but would I hang a coffee painting in my house? This got me thinking about vintage posters—I would definitely hang a vintage beverage poster in my house. So that became my inspiration.

I love the way coffee smells when it's brewing. I love it really, really hot. I love holding a warm mug in my hands, especially in the winter. I love the feel, color and shape of those little roasted beans. Burlap bags, clinking spoons, tall mugs...

I settled on the image above for the gallery, but made a couple of other simple compositions as well. And below are snapshots of some of my explorations along the way.

So cheers to Lilla for another amazing class! I raise my coffee cup to you and all my talented classmates!

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