Sunday, April 26, 2015

Bootcamp Assignment 3 - Event Poster

This month's Lilla Rogers Bootcamp Assignment was really fun. She tasked the group with creating a poster for her upcoming live event in Brighton, England. How genius is she? 700 extremely talented illustrators and designers creating posters for the event and she picks a winner whose work will be compensated and printed on event posters and postcards. Win-win, right? And believe me, I've seen some of the entries and they are incredible! She'll have a difficult time choosing just one.

I had a lot of thumbnail sketches and worked on a few different concepts, but this was my strongest. I felt it covered all the key requirements: appeals to men and women, showcases the locale, and conveys learning about art with other artists from around the globe.

I'll post the link to the gallery as soon as I know it, so you can see all the fabulous work. Such a talented and supportive group! I love Bootcamp! And I wish I could hop across the kind and attend this event!

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