Sunday, November 3, 2013

Make Art That Sells Week 3 - Scrapbook

Whew! I've been so engrossed in my Lilla Rogers class, that I barely have time for anything else (just ask my family). I really love how it's pushing me out of my comfort zone. Having to post my work alongside so many talented individuals forces me to ask myself if I'm submitting the best piece I possibly can in the time allowed. Each week I love seeing all the different approaches to the same assignment.

Last week we covered The Scrapbook Market. I must confess, I rarely look at the scrapbooking section in the craft store. I barely get my photos downloaded into iPhoto, never mind print them out and arrange them artfully in a book with patterned and embellished papers and cool dew hickies. And, to top it off, she asked us to draw vintage typewriters and cameras. Right there and then, I knew it would be my least favorite week in the class. Lilla kept saying how 'fun' and 'easy' these items were to draw. Easy? Umm, not for me. Give me a dog any day...

Nevertheless I tried. And tried again. I wasn't so successful with the typewriters. I had a few cameras that were passable. But, designing the page was actually pretty fun. I put a mid-century spin on it with some retro shapes and fonts. I snuck my line-drawn cameras in with color and pattern as camouflage. In the end, I was satisfied with my work. It made me realize I can, and should, do more with hand drawn images. Was it gorgeous and layered with dreamy washes like many of the other artists' work I saw? No. But I think that's not my style—even though I admire that quite a bit.

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