Thursday, December 5, 2013

Make Art That Sells Wrap-up

So what did I learn in Lilla Rogers' Make Art That Sells class? That, I'm finding, is hard to translate into a coherent blog post. Where do I start? How do I sum it up? Here are my top ten takeaways:

1. Neutrals are your best friend.
2. Make icons.
3. Add details.
4. Break assignments down (aka mini's work).
5. Tell a story with your art.
6. The virtual classroom is so inspiring and supportive (artists are nice).
7. Everyone is where they should be on the journey.
8. Keep making art!
9. Get your work out there.
10. It's fun to have a fairy art mother!

So, thank you, Lilla! I had a blast. I loved how engaged and focused I was. The assignments were inspiring and on-trend. The experts shared valuable insights. The critiques always gave me concrete ways to improve my art, even if she wasn't talking about my assignment in particular. But perhaps the best part was (is) the ongoing community of talented artists who continually share their undying support, knowledge, encouragement and passion. For this, I am the most grateful.

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